Success Rate

Success Rate

Success is the most desired outcome of any procedure performed at New Life Poland.We are glad to share that Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) can bring success for many infertile couples. Different clinics measure the success rate in many ways, like implantation rate, pregnancy rate, etc. Statistics can be collected at different stages of the treatment and a cycle may be cancelled or not completed in full at various points. Thus the success reported at one stage may not be carried over to the next. This can be very confusing for patients. For us success is achieved when your baby is born and taken home with you.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) success rate may vary from clinic to clinic as it is influenced by different factors, such as entrance criteria for ART, patient medical characteristics and treatment approaches. Therefore, it is hard to compare success rates of different clinics. Some clinics may have higher percentage of younger women undergoing IVF and of course, their success rate will be higher. At New Life Poland we offer our support to all intended patients regardless of their condition and its effect on statistics of success rates. For assuring accuracy, we recommend individualizing of any estimation of the expected success.

We are happy to declare that the high success rate is one of the reasons New Life Global Network is chosen by many patients from all around Europe.

IVF success rate

There are various factors that attribute to our high success rate. It is mostly achieved through keeping up with the latest technologies, developing skills and employing individualized approach and personalized treatment plans.

Despite the fact that our success rate is high, we cannot recommend 100% positive outcome with every case as there are many factors that can affect oval success of IVF treatment, such as:

  • Cause of infertility
  • Years of Infertility
  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Number of embryos transferred (please, note that transferring more embryos at one time improves success rates, but also increases the risk of multiple pregnancies).
  • Using fresh or frozen embryos
  • Sperm quality
    Response to ovarian stimulation
  • Quality control in the laboratory
  • Skills and competencies of the IVF team

All intended parents hope for success but we’d like our patients to have realistic expectations. The good news is that a lot of patients at our clinic usually success at the very first attempt but we recommend to be prepared (emotionally and financially) for at least 3 fresh IVF attempts.

Obtaining an individualized assessment of your pregnancy prognoses is the first step of our IVF program. Our professional staff will assist you in your decision-making through complete assessment and care. Your individualized chance is determined by various factors, which will be discussed with you by our caring doctors