Most importantly, New Life Poland is known all over Europe for its unique database of healthy and young Polish egg donors who are willing to travel to various destinations. If you cannot visit Poland and would like to do your program in other country, our egg donors are happy and ready to come to your place.

About Us

New Life Poland is the latest branch of New Life Global Network in Warsaw, Poland. New Life Global Network is a group of fertility centers currently operating in Georgia, Ukraine, India, Israel and Thailand. Due to its highly convenient geographic location in the heart of Europe, modern infrastructure and international standards of care, Poland is one of the most favorable destinations for many intended parents from all over the world.

Why Poland?

 Poland is known all over Europe for its unique database of healthy, young and educated Polish egg donors. They are willing to travel to different destinations according to intended parents’ request. Our outstanding database of Polish egg donors and qualified services are highly recommended by the top fertility physicians from different parts of the world. Finding the appropriate egg donor is one of the cornerstones of the overall success of the program.

Why New Life Poland ?

New Life Poland is a full service fertility clinic in Warsaw. It is part of New Life Global Network of Fertility Centers that successfully operates in Georgia, Ukraine, India, Israel and Thailand. We are proud to share that we are bringing happiness to families by building them with the help of Advanced Reproductive Technologies. Programs we offer include: Egg Donation Program, IVF with Donor Egg’s Program, Surrogacy Program, Surrogacy with Donor Egg’s Program.

I have a very positive impression of the program. All very well organized, professional care of Mrs Justyna – polish coordinator, professional and well-functioning clinic. The program is for me an incredible adventure combined with the ability to do something good for others. I am proud that I could help someone realize the dream of having children.


We are happy to announce that our babies are with us ! Once again thank you all for your efforts back in November when we visited your clinic for our donor IVF round.

Mrs and Ms B from Australia