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If your journey has led you to us, you have been led into to compassionate hands. New Life Poland is part of New Life Global Network, a rapidly expanding group of modern fertility centers that offer empathy and assistance with both surrogacy and egg donation. We are the only registered Egg Donor Agency in Poland, and we take pride and care in referring Polish intended parents overseas for surrogacy in countries where it is legal.

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This is your story, your life and your family, and we are invested in your emotional concerns just as much as we are in providing the highest quality medical care. That is why we encourage everyone that comes to us for help to ask questions, give feedback and participate in the decision-making process. This is how we have become one of the best fertility clinics in the field, and why our families have helped us build such a remarkable reputation.

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Your gift in helping others to achieve their dreams of becoming parents truly is the gift of life. Each of our amazing Polish egg donors receives the highest level of admiration, highest standard of care and a smooth, positive experience with every party involved. The health and safety of our egg donors is always our number one priority, so we encourage healthy young women to apply to become a donor. We look forward to working with you as we change the lives around us.

Welcome to New Life Poland

Because “Infertility” Shouldn’t Be Synonymous with “Impossible”. New Life Poland is here to make dreams come true by helping hundreds of Polish people every year become families through our Warsaw-based Egg Donor Agency. Our agency is in charge of sending Polish intended parents for surrogacy overseas, and we have already witnessed many become families.

From every stage or walk of life, we know how difficult it can be to struggle with infertility. We’ve heard the stories, we’ve seen the struggles, but most importantly – we’ve seen the miracle of life happen for through our Georgian , Ukrainian, Asian and Mexican branches, thousands of times, for hundreds of Polish parents just like you. They may not share your story, but they share your hopes, and so do we. That’s why we offer our solutions to everyone, including: Single Intended Parents, Heterosexual couples, LGBT couples, HIV Positive Intended Parents.

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