About Us

New Life Poland is the latest branch of New Life Global Network in Warsaw, Poland. New Life Global Network is a group of fertility centers currently operating in Georgia, Ukraine, India, Israel and Thailand. Due to its highly convenient geographic location in the heart of Europe, modern infrastructure and international standards of care, Poland is one of the most favorable destinations for many intended parents from all over the world.

New Life Poland is building families by leading in the field of Advanced Reproductive Technologies with emphasis on In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Surrogacy and Egg Donation. We specialize in the management of all areas of infertility. It is worth to mention that we place a strong emphasis not only on the quality of medical care, but on emotional concerns of our patients as well.

We provide a variety of world-class, affordable treatment through incorporating the latest technologies in a patient-friendly and confidential environment using our intelligence, commitment, and experience. Keeping up with the progress of infertility management, having the well-equipped facility and highly-experienced and dedicated staff makes us one of the best in the field. Well known for its high success rates, significant experience and innovative approaches, New Life Poland has been a clinic of choice for those who seek a solution for infertility treatment from different parts of Europe and the rest of the world.

Most importantly, New Life Poland is known all over Europe for its unique database of healthy, young and educated Polish egg donors. They are willing to travel to different destinations according to intended parents’ request. Our outstanding database of Polish egg donors and qualified services are highly recommended by the top fertility physicians from different parts of the world. Finding the appropriate egg donor is one of the cornerstones of the overall success of the program. Therefore, we are doing our best to provide affordable and high standard services to people in need.

We provide comprehensive reproductive services, guidance and support to patients to local as well as international intended parents from all parts of the world. We recognize the complexities affecting infertile patients, therefore we are committed to developing the personalized treatment plans to maximize the chances of achieving pregnancy.